About DI Boards

It started as a side project in 2015 from BWSurf with the mission to bring to life dedicated kite products that would kick ass. Quickly it became more independent from BWSurf and after a long period of R&D with top rider Ian Alldredge and designer Dano See the Stallion, we worked towards a final shape that we really loved and which was unlike anything else in the market. The Stallion was born.

With this amazing shape in our hands we started looking for factories that could manufacture a finished product that would be stronger, more durable and higher performant at the same time. It was quite a journey to find what we wanted but after a while Apple Tree in Europe was introduced and immediately we understood they were different and on the same page as to what we were looking for.

The production of the Stallion started and immediately the global stoke with it. Since then we never looked back. We’re so proud that the Stallion has brought big smiles and epic sessions to so many kite surfers.

In 2017 after Ian Alldredge left, it was time for DI to go back to the BWSurf stable and become officially part of the line-up and set new goals.

DI remains an independent R&D lab that brings innovative kiteboard designs guiding you into the future, now commercialized through the BWS brand. All we do is with performance & durability in mind, eye & care for sustainable solutions.

Stay tuned for many DI innovation coming your way, the show has just begun.